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What you need to know...

Food and drink

At The Cabin Childcare Centre we provide a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. This usually comprises of fresh fruit alongside measured portions of breadsticks, crackers and cheese, and a choice of milk or water to drink. The snack varies from time to time according to themes and celebrations; for example noodles for Chinese New Year, or vegetable soup that the children have made at Harvest time.


Children staying for lunch are required to bring their own.  We ask if you will please ensure it includes only healthy foods, suggestions include sandwiches, pasta salads, wraps, vegetable sticks, fruit, yoghurts etc. Pot noodles or excessive sugary foods and chocolate are not allowed.


Please ensure you child's lunch contains NO NUT PRODUCTS.


Water is available for all children to drink throughout the day.  If water or milk are not sufficient please speak to your Centre Manager.  For more information about healthy drinks, please click here.


Clothes and nappies


During your child's time at The Cabin they will be given many opportunities that they may not access at other times, such as painting, cooking, making play dough and gardening. We are sure they will love exploring all we have to offer, but you should assume that they will get dirty in the process. Therefore we ask that you provide a full set of spare clothing for your child.


If your child is toilet training please bring several changes of clothes, including underwear.


If your child wears nappies you will need to provide them, as well as, wet wipes or cotton wool, and nappy cream if required.


Please provide outdoor clothing for your child according to the weather.  They will need sunhats and sun cream in the summer; and wellies, hats, coats and gloves in the winter. Don't forget to also provide spares please


Please label all your child's belongings with their name, including their spare clothes.  Thanks.


Children's uniform t-shirts are available to buy for £10 each.

mid morning and mid afternoon food and drinks details of what clothes to provide