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YMCA Plymouth - 01752 761 015

Tamar View - 01752 297 837

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About The Cabin Childcare Centres

Meet the team

The Cabin Childcare Centres are run by Karen Lilley as the Director and registered person. Karen spends a minimum of one day per week at each setting and believes in supporting the whole family and working with the wider community to give each child the best start in life. Karen has worked in the Early Years for over 25 years and holds a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies and has Early Years Teacher Status.


Each nursery has a dedicated Manager responsible for the day to day running. They ensure that the staff and children are happy, parents are supported and all policies and practices are adhered to. Each Manager is trained as a Senior Designated Safeguarding Officer.


The Cabin at the YMCA is managed by Julie Wilkes.


The Cabin at Barn Park Nursery is managed by Vicki Tyler.


The Cabin at Tamar View Nursery  is managed by Sarah Blight.


Each Manager is supported by a Deputy Manager and a strong team of practitioners.


All of the nurseries receive HR support from Suzie Khan. Suzie is also responsible for invoicing and helping parents with funding and finances.


We are also lucky to have fabulous administrative support by Justine and Becky. Justine supports staff training and Becky helps at both Barne Barton nurseries.


The Cabin is a strong team, who believe in helping each other and most importantly, helping all of our children and families.

C = Caring.  Teaching children to care for themselves and their belongings.  Keeping safe and healthy.

A = Achieving.  Learning and developing through play. Keep on having a go/not giving up.  A can-do not a can't do attitude.

B = Being an individual.  Supporting children with development in becoming a person.  Encouraging them to come up with their own ideas, suggestions and thoughts.  being listened to!

I = Inclusive.  Promoting understanding and respect that our world has difference and diversity.  teaching acceptance to support being a community.

N = Nurturing.  Helping friendships and relationships grow.  Looking after their environment, animals and themselves.  Being kind to each other.

NDNA and Early Education Members


As members of the National Day Nurseries Association and Early Education, we also believe:

  • All children have the right to the highest quality care and education whatever their gender, ethnicity, religion or ability

  • All provision of education and care for young children will be staffed and resourced according to the age and needs of the child and be subject to the statutory guidelines

  • All staff will have access to high quality and meaningful training

  • All parents have the right to be involved with the care and education of their child

who we are: Karen Sweet

Karen Lilley